Fixed Tender

Traditional construction where the owner has the design completed and then we provide a quote to complete the work shown on the drawings and specifications. Our team of knowledgeable and competitive subcontractors that work with us, allow us to provide the most economical fixed tender bids.
This method provides a fixed cost for the design on the drawings, however, since the contracting team enters after the design is finished some opportunities for improvement can be missed during the tendering process and may need to be addressed during the completion of the project.


Examples of past Fixed Tender projects

RBC Montreal and Sinclair

Latest RBC build.

RBC Terry Fox and Fernbank

Featuring lots of custom Millwork, this RBC branch is unlike any other.

RBC Terry Fox

This was a very challenging project since a complete interior renovation was carried out in several phases to accommodate the continuing operation of the branch throughout the entire renovation.

RBC South Keys

  Complete interior and exterior renovation to create a bank branch and RBC insurance in the former Outback Steakhouse location.

RBC Montreal Rd

Complete interior fit-up.

Drummonds and Tim Hortons

Robert Construction is very proud of our relationship with Ottawa’s Drummond’s Gas.  On Bronson we completed a full interior and exterior renovation for their new store and then a year later constructed the Tim Horton’s store.