Gold Seal

Lee Harrington, CEO of Robert Construction has been recognized as a Gold Seal Champion

The Gold Seal Certification Program is a national program for construction Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators, and Owner Project Managers. Certification is based on the candidates education, experience and their ability to satisfy the rigorous standards of the Program. This may mean the successful completion of a Gold Seal exam. The Gold Seal Certificate was developed by the industry for the industry and is a voluntary certification program for the individual. The certificate signifies that the individual has attained a nationally recognized level of experience and competence as a Project Manager, Superintendent, Estimator or Owner Project Manager.
For the individual the Gold Seal Certificate is a declaration of skill and competence that is recognized by the construction industry across the Country. The certificate enhances the mobility and professional development of construction managers


About Gold Seal Certification

The Gold Seal Certification Program can trace its roots back to 1973 with the release of an extensive construction management study by an industry advisory body to the Federal Ministry of Industry Trade & Commerce. The national study pointed out shortcomings of construction management development and made several recommendations to improve management effectiveness through education.

As a result, the Construction Management Development Institute (CMDI) was established in 1981 to coordinate the necessary activities to improve management effectiveness. The Institute operated for 10 years undertaking several initiatives in pursuit of this objective. A key objective was the development of a national set of standards for construction management occupations. The project became known as the Gold Seal Certification program.